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“This revolution of Emancipation, the revolution of Independence…that did not happen, it is still to happen.” 


                                                                - Tony Hall 

From 2011 to 2018, and under the direction of Makeda Thomas, the New Waves! Institute gathered hundreds of dance and performance artists, scholars, teachers, researchers and students in Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti, and New York. Realized over the course of two weeks - and through performances, intensive workshops, movement and reasoning sessions, lectures, screenings, shared meals, and informal limes - New Waves! embodied the depth and spirit of contemporary dance and performance practice in the Caribbean and its Diasporas, in an organizing principle of ‘Emancipation’.

“The vision is Movement. To render Trinidad & Tobago an important site for thought and experimentation in contemporary dance and performance. To create an autonomous institution where vital conversations on the body, movement, cultural production, hybridity and diaspora could be had; where dominant discourses on art and culture could be challenged and where new progressive languages could be spoken; a space where dancers could dance and be healed from the laborious hierarchies of imperialism and colonization; a space where we could “each re-strategize our own personal vision”.

                                                                  - Makeda Thomas, "Life, Spirit, & Culture of the Institute"

New Waves! has engaged an impressive faculty of international artists and scholars including: Tony Hall, Dr. Ananya Chatterjea, Chris Walker, Dyane Harvey Salaam, Catherine Denecy, Sheena Rose, Dr. Ras Mikey C, Dr. Thomas DeFrantz, Dr. Sheron Wray, Rennie Harris, Akuzuru, André Zachery, Sonja Dumas, Jean Sebastian-Duvilaire, Dave Williams, Mondira Balkaransingh, Emelda Lynch-Griffith, Dr. Lowell Fiet, Andrea Woods-Valdes, Maria Nunes and many more. The program was made possible through a multi-year partnership with the University of Trinidad & Tobago Academy for Performing Arts, held within the National Academy for Performing Arts. Let’s Dance!