4 JAN.  The Dance & Performance Institute marks 12th Anniversary!  Let's Dance! 

1 FEB. - Makeda Thomas leads ONLINE MODULE 1: Studies in Mas & Carnival Performance, for Dance & Performance Institute through 1 March 2022.

18-20 FEB.  Collegium for African Diasporic Dance hosts 2022 Conference: dancingBLACKtogether at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

8-11 MAR.  Makeda Thomas to lead masterclass + panelist for A.I.R Dance Conference 2022 at Miami-Dade College - Miami, Florida

3 APRIL  2022 Artist-in-Residence Session 1: Dance & Performance Institute - Trinidad & Tobago


1-4 MAY  Makeda Thomas to lead masterclass + panelist for Let's Dance International Festival 2022: In Situ: Responding to Space, Place, People and Time - Leicester,  United Kingdom

25 JULY  New Waves! 2022, through 1 August in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Let's Dance!



15 NOV.  "Curative Collective Conversation: Makeda Thomas",  a program of the Women, Arts, and Social Change initiative at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. 12pm - 1pm. Watch here.


18 OCT. "The Art of Rebellion: The Baby Doll Masquerade in Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival" featuring Belmont Baby Dolls in Smithsonian Folklife Magazine.

1 OCT.  "'Backyard Stories as a Strategy for Survival: Eat Little and Live Long" published

in Issue Two of BlackInk Magazine.


28 SEPT.  Makeda Thomas guests for Smith College Dance Intermediate Repertory:: Urban Bush Women's "Batty Moves" 

28 SEPT.  Makeda Thomas guests at Duke University Dance Program for “The Black Parades:  African Diaspora Parade Culture and Radical Resistance”.  

4 SEPT.  RESCHEDULED TO 30 OCTOBER. “Eat Little and Live Long” with Michelle Gibson | “Them Roots Under My  Feet” + Pagwah Mas.


28 AUG.  “Eat Little and Live Long” with Gabri Christa | “SON” + Jean Appolon | “Traka”. 7pm. Purchase Tickets Here

5 -23 AUG. NEW WORK: Research & Creative Development Artist Residency - Madison, Wisconsin


31 JULY  “Eat Little and Live Long” with Chris Walker | “Seaweed King” + Futurpointe | “Rent-a-Tile”. 7pm. Purchase Tickets Here


17 JULY  “Eat Little and Live Long” with Jade Charon | “Gold” + Obika Dance | “Swamp Body”. 7pm. Purchase Tickets Here

10 JULY  “Eat Little and Live Long” with Thomas F. DeFrantz. | “indigeneities::knowing from before" + mx oops | “NonFatal Error”. 7pm. Purchase Tickets Here


3 JULY  “Eat Little and Live Long” with André Zachery, “Salt”. 7pm. Purchase Tickets Here

26 JUNE  “Eat Little and Live Long” with Fana Fraser, “with love, V”. 7pm. Purchase Tickets Here


25 JUNE  Makeda Thomas and daughter, Nyah Love film “Sheila” by Gabri Christa featuring Sheila Rohan. Barnard Movement Lab, NYC.

19 JUNE  “Eat Little and Live Long” with Shamar Watt, “Dawning of the Suns”. Guest Chef: Nellie Dimont. 7pm. 

12 JUNE  “Eat Little and Live Long” with Brotherhood Dance, “Greens-N-Bread”. 7pm. Purchase Tickets Here

5 JUNE  “Eat Little and Live Long” with J. Bouey, Chiron in Leo. 7pm. Purchase Tickets here

1 JUNE Makeda Thomas announces weekly Backyard Performance Series with Fana Fraser, J. Bouey,  Michelle Gibson, Thomas F. DeFrantz, Andre Zachery/Renegade Performance Group,  Brotherhood Dance, Jade Charon, mx oops, Pagwah Mas, Shamar Watt, Obika Dance, Jean Appolon, Chris Walker, and more. Saturday, 5 June through Saturday, 4 September in Flatbush, Brooklyn

29 MAY “Chiron in Leo” Post Screening Conversation with J. Bouey guided by Makeda Thomas. 7:30pm (EDT). Presented by Gibney’s New Voices: Spotlight Series

7 MAY PANEL: “My Voice, My Practice: Black Dance” for Let’s Dance International Frontiers 2021. 4pm (BST), 5pm (CEST), 11am (EDT), 11am (AST)

4 MAY  “dancing among the watery folds”, a new research essay by Thomas DeFrantz for The Journal of Aesthetics and Black Studies includes 6 images from Makeda Thomas’s “FreshWater”. 

12 APR. “Embracing the Break” - Dance & Performance Institute in LA Review of Books essay by Taylor Renee Aldridge, visual arts curator and program manager at the California African American Museum.

26 FEB. Makeda Thomas leads session for Hope Mohr Dance Community Engagement Residency (CER) Artists.

17 FEB. “When Dolls Dance” Workshop for The Wood Shed Dance as part of “Mas Beyond Borders”.

13 FEB.  “When Dolls Dance” Online Lecture for KDT Foundation & Tabanka Dance Ensemble presents “Overstanding Arts Conversations on Blackness: Art and Hacking the System”.

22 JAN. “In Conversation” featuring Makeda Thomas with Pawlet Brookes Eduardo Vilaro and Thomas Prestø - contributors from Serendipity’s latest publication, “My Voice, My Practice: Black Dance” for International Association of Blacks in Dance 30th Anniversary Celebration.

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11 DEC.  Makeda Thomas named Honorary Grantee of CATAPULT | A Caribbean Arts Grant

20 NOV. “When Dolls Dance: Belmont Baby Dolls” by Makeda Thomas published in “My Voice, My Practice: Black Dance” (Serendipity, UK).


13 NOV. Interview for Trini Good Media/Photo session with Marlon James for upcoming “The Makers - Portraits of Women in the Arts”..


1 NOV.  Spotlight Interview with Yinx Macaulay, Founder of MAS.IV. WATCH HERE.

2 OCT. Makeda Thomas guests CNC3 segment with Soyini Grey on TT Carnival 2021. 

29 SEPT.  Makeda Thomas guests at Duke University Dance Program for “The Black Parades:  African Diaspora Parade Culture and Radical Resistance”.  

1 AUG. The Dance & Performance Institute announces LAND COOPERATIVE  in Trinidad & Tobago for Black, Indigenous, and Artists of Color. 

21 JUL. Makeda Thomas guests on SOCA TV's “Dance In the International Marketplace”.  With Gregor Breedy, Mindy Giles Thomas Talawa, Richard Lessey, Bakary Lindsay, and Jamie Thompson.


1 JUL. Makeda speaks on Hofstra Dance Virtual Roundtable. With Robin Becker, Robbie Cook, Dyane Harvey-Salaam and Rachel List, Director of the Dance Program.


27 MAY  “Makeda Thomas on Losing Her Archives and Mothering as an Artist during a Pandemic”. An interview with Christine Jowers of The Dance Enthusiast.


24-25 FEB.  Belmont Baby Dolls presents “Spirit Dolls” for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival. A collaboration with visual artist, Brianna McCarthy.


23 FEB. Makeda Thomas guests on Festival Radio's “Carnival HotShots”, LIVE from Queens Park Savannah.


22 FEB. “Fractal at the Surface, Rhizomatic at the Root” by Makeda Thomas, presented for the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance 4th Annual Conference “Fluid Black::Dance Back”

16 FEB. Belmont Baby Dolls performs for “The Old Yard” at UWI’s Department of Creative and Festival Arts/Featured in visual art exhibition, “Baby Doll Mas’: Old & New Interpretations”

1 JAN. Belmont Baby Dolls featured in Caribbean Beat Magazine - “The Return of the Baby Doll”.