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"Eat Little and Live Long: AIR Showings"

// New Waves! 2023 Artists in Residence

"Eat Little and Live Long: AIR Showings"

Six dance artists and scholars will join us as the New Waves! 2023 Artists-in-Residence.

Since 2010, The Dance & Performance Institute’s Artist in Residence Program has hosted artists from around the world who have engaged in the performance, study, research, teaching, and experimentation of movement and ideas of particular resonance to Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. The breadth of these residencies guide the spirit of the Institute as a site “where vital conversations on the body, movement, cultural production, hybridity and diaspora could be had; where dominant discourses on art and culture could be challenged and where new progressive languages could be spoken”. New Waves! 2023 Artist-in-Residence Program Coordinator: Kearra Amara Gopee

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