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"Cauracas" GAYAP

// Gillian Goddard

"Eat Little and Live Long: AIR Showings"

// New Waves! 2023 Artists in Residence

"Transcending Spirit in the Dances of the Wake: An Immersive Embodied Experience"

// Dr. Yanique Hume 

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CONVENING: Caribbean Performance Studies Project

// Makeda Thomas

Emancipation Day Procession

Movement Workshop: "Engine Room"

// Kieron Sargeant

Movement Workshop: "Legendary Beach Class"

// Chris Walker

Movement Workshop: "The New Orleans Original Buckshop"

// Michelle Gibson

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// "Virago" by Neila Ebanks, "Zero-Homers" by Shamar Watt, "Rent-a-Tile" by Chris Walker, and Sheena Rose

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Performance Lecture: “Fastening the Web: ChoreoNommo and the Practice of Naming"

// Thomas Talawa Presto

WELCOME - New Waves! 2023

Workshop: TBA

// Shamar Watt

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